We are a pair of off-road adventure enthusiasts taking our first steps into motorbike navigational rallies. The love of this type of racing was born watching the Dakar Rally on TV and dreaming of one day taking part. We asked ourselves “Why not us?”

We had been starting to take our first tentative steps into riding off road. Jakki had never ridden a bike before trying a friends enduro bike and Mark, although having ridden on road for a couple of years, had never tried leaving the tarmac. Once we had tried taking to the dirt we were hooked!

A pair of KTM enduro bikes soon followed and playtime began. Mark entered his first event less than a year later, while Jakki was working on getting her full bike licence.

Jakki has since swapped her enduro bike for a much more useable and enjoyable steed – her Honda CRF 250 L Rally. Mark still has the enduro bike for training and has also got hold of a KTM 990 Adventure S.

This site will chart our journey from here on. Our ultimate goal would be to take on the hardest off-road race in the world – THE DAKAR. Mark would love to make an attempt before he turns 40. Given the current regulations not allowing for twin cylinder, large capacity bikes to enter the Dakar, we will be looking at an attempt on the Africa Eco Race instead. With the Africa Eco Race following the original route of the Dakar in Africa it is sure to be a true test of man and machine and a great adventure! Mark is currently working on his 990 for this and hopes to build and develop it in order to attempt to compete on the big twin cylinder and make it to Dakar.