Mark McDonald


Air Ambulance Paramedic, Big Bike Convert, Rally Racer


Bike: 2007 KTM 990 LC8 Adventure S (Rally build version 1.0)


About: I rode a KTM 250 EXCF 6 Days for a year before getting a big bike. The first moment I hit the dirt with my 990 Adventure S I knew I wanted to race a big bike and that this was the machine to do it on! Currently building version 1.0 of my 990 Adventure Rally bike.


Race History: Several UK events including Dawn to Dusk 24hr enduro (once as a 3 man team and once as solo 24hr entry). Several class podiums in ANICC Sprint Championship (Car racing).


Current Goals: Hellas Rally in 2019 as first navigation rally. Desert training and rallies over next couple of years to build towards a Dakar or Africa Eco Race entry before I’m 40.


Social Media: @expedrallying



Jakki Owens


Paramedic, Chief Sandwich Maker and Plaster Wrangler


Bike: 2018 Honda CRF 250 Rally


About: having been introduced to biking by Mark I NEEDED my own bike to play on. My KTM 250 xc-f was a little pocket rocket, it was also a bit like trying to break in a young horse whilst also learning to ride one from scratch. Getting my licence was a good idea and I bought myself a lightweight ER-6f, I was adamant I didn’t need an adventure bike. And less than 2 months later I ended up trading my KTM and getting my test mileage only Honda Rally. Having seen what Mark was getting up to on his bikes it was just impossible not to be jealous. Now I love blundering about the countryside through puddles and pushing our limits.


Current goals: Kielder 500 2019 as my first race and keeping on learning and riding


Social Media: @expedrallying