Heavy Enduro Racing is a growing worldwide community for all who love taking their big bikes racing. It is a growing network of people coming together to help make their rally racing dreams become reality.  For more information use the HEavy Enduro link below and click on the racing tab.  Meanwhile if you see the tent in the bivouac please come over and say hello!


We will be looking to do as many events as possible with the other HEavy Enduro Racing guys from around the globe and cant wait to get on the road to Hellas in May.



Chris CorkTwin Cylinder Adventurer/Rally Racer/Rider/Guide, Dakar Competitor, Heavy Enduro/Big Bike Advocate. Pursuing Eco Race & Dakar on 2 cylinders. HMFIC of HEavy Enduro Racing


HEavy Enduro – HEavy built enduro proven.

The bikes we choose to ride are not typically associated with Enduro.  They are built for long distance travel, with large displacement engines, monster gas tanks, seats for two, and a couple of panniers.  Most often found on dirt roads, loaded with luggage, and headed for adventure.   Let’s be honest, that’s what they’re designed for, and that’s what they’re good at.
But here at HE, we just think they’re big dirtbikes!


Olly Bassi – Malle Moto Rally Racer, Film and TV Actor, Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Overland Explorer, Petrol Head, Enduro Guide

See more of Olly in his Instagram – @ollybassi